Welcome to Bleau

Bouldering Paradise

The Fontainebleau Forest and its 12,000 sandstone boulders await you.

For all skill levels: bouldering is practiced on low-height rocks, generally not requiring a rope, making it easy for beginners (of course, accompanied by a more experienced climber). You’ll also find challenging boulders for the more experienced (such as Rocher Brûlé, one of the few graded 9, located near the Lido).

15-20 minutes by vehicle from the most remarkable sites.

The closest sites are accessible on foot (such as Rocher Clotilde, a 15/20-minute walk, or Rocher des Princes, one of the highest points in the forest, approximately 30 minutes away). While the western part of the forest is the most visited, the eastern part, closest to Lido, has the advantage of offering numerous boulders yet to be discovered (up to you!) and with fewer crowds. In any case, most other sites are quickly reached by car or bike (15 to 30 minutes), including Avon and Restant du Long Rocher.

Crash Pad Rental

Lined up patiently, our crash pads are like you: eagerly awaiting the next outing to reunite with their beloved rocks. With them, you can fall from the rocks or fall asleep...depends on your motivation. Booking crash pads in advance is highly recommended, especially during long weekends. For information, you will also find numerous magazines and reference materials at the campsite reception to peruse.

Rock Climbing and Bouldering spots

They are spread throughout the forest.

Among the most well-known:

  • Le Cuvier
  • Les Gorges d’Apremont (Barbizon)
  • Les gorges de Franchard
  • L’Isatis (between Fontainebleau and Arbonne-la-Forêt)
  • Les massifs des Trois Pignons (between Arbonne-la-Forêt, Milly-la-Forêt, and Le Vaudoué: la Canche aux Merciers, le 95.2, Le Cul de Chien, le Diplodocus, la J.A. Martin, etc.)

Other sites are outside the Fontainebleau Forest:

  • Buthiers (Malesherbes)
  • L’Éléphant (Larchant)
  • La Dame Jouanne
  • Les rochers du Duc

Here are other sites accessible by SNCF train (plus a bit of walking or cycling): le Rocher Canon (Bois-le-Roi), Le Calvaire, le Petit-Bois, Le Mont Ussy (Fontainebleau-Avon), le Gréau (Nemours). Accessible by RER: La Troche (Orsay), Chamarande, Maisse, Boigneville, Malesherbes.

Rock Climbing and Bouldering spots access

Coming from Paris, the campsite is a 6-minute walk from Veneux les Sablons train station, which is itself 42 minutes from Paris Gare de Lyon. You got it! In less than an hour, you can set up your base camp at Lido and then explore all the climbing sites. The sectors closest to the campsite include:

  • Le Restant du Long Rocher
  • Le Rocher d’Avon
  • Bouligny
  • Le Rocher des Princes
  • Le Rocher Clotilde … and the famous Rocher Brûlé, the first boulder graded 8c+/9a in Fontainebleau!

To reach the sites, it is preferable to have a vehicle, especially for transporting equipment (crash pads, climbing shoes, water, food, clothing, etc.).

Allow 15 to 20 minutes by car for these sites, 20 to 30 minutes by bike (electric or not).