Our spirit

Camping is back, the good, the real one

The base camp spirit

The base camp, for explorers and mountaineers, is that refuge where adventurers prepare themselves before embarking on an adventure or heading to the summits.

It's also the place where they rest alone or in groups, recharge to go further, and then return home.

At the Lido, all the conditions of the base camp are met so that our clients, our everyday adventurers, whether urban or champions of outdoor life, can lay down their bags to recharge close to nature and also to discover, explore, and expend energy.

Our project? To introduce you, or reintroduce you, to the pleasures of authentic camping: large spaces dedicated to tents under the trees, scattered mobile homes in a beautiful park, a spacious and green area for camping cars and caravans, tents for rent, hammocks... and above all, a team passionate about camping and outdoor activities who will be eager to help you, whether you seek the comfort of the refuge or the excitement of discovery and adventure... at the gates of the Lido."

A "nature" spirit

The facilities align with our ‘nature’ approach: no 12-meter high slides or roller coasters here, sorry. Instead, we have renovated sanitary facilities and lighting with an environmental focus (water-saving devices, LEDs), wooden signage, photovoltaic outdoor lighting wherever sunlight suffices, and a preference for natural elements (wood, textiles) rather than plastics or metals.

A passionate team

The Lido team reflects our campers: passionate about travel, discovery, and authentic connections. They can’t wait to get to know you and introduce you to the region. Owners and managers are first and foremost outdoor enthusiasts. When not at the campsite, they are just like you: searching for great hiking trails, fun climbing spots, mushroom hunting areas, trail running routes, caves to play cavemen, and tips for booking a kayak or a hot air balloon. It’s a treasure trove of information waiting for you. Not to mention the love of good food, as they also enjoy the pleasures of a well-deserved sandwich as much as a fine gastronomic table.

A "disconnected" approach

We also embrace a quest for digital disconnection: yes to WIFI, but not everywhere (free near the reception, and otherwise, a 4G coverage that is perfectly sufficient). A good game of pétanque, a card game on the terrace with family, a nature outing among hikers, children making new friends around the pool… that’s the real and genuine social network we cherish.

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