Hikes in all directions

Whether in the forest or along the waterways, you can walk every day in ever-changing atmospheres and landscapes, never getting tired.
A quick preview of what awaits you.

Here are some hiking suggestions in the Fontainebleau forest:

Lido – Rocher Clotilde: Level is relatively easy (5 km round trip, ideal for children), crossing the village of Veneux and then playing or building huts around the Rocher (in fact, several) Clotilde.

Lido – Rocher des Princes: More challenging but one of the highest viewpoints in the forest (about 10 km round trip). Our advice: have a picnic at the top of the Rocher for a breathtaking view.

Rocher du Calvaire: Once on-site, a loop of about 10 km passes through the famous Rocher du Calvaire, offering magnificent panoramic views.

La Mare aux Fées: A shorter walk (about 5 km) that takes you to the Mare aux Fées, an enchanting place in the heart of the forest.

Gorges de Franchard: Hike through picturesque gorges and impressive rocks. It’s about 11 km.

Dames Jouanne: A hike of about 12 km that takes you around the Gorges de Franchard and the mysterious Dame Jouanne, an imposing rock formation.

Circuit des 25 Bosses: One of the most famous routes in the forest. It offers a beautiful view of the Beauce plain. The difficulty is moderate to high due to the numerous elevations (once on-site, nearly 18 km and… 500 meters of positive elevation gain).

It is advisable to have a map or navigation app for the trails, as the Fontainebleau forest is vast. We rely on our guests to respect the environment (your waste can wait until you return to the campsite to be disposed of). Feel free to ask for information at the reception. You’ll find books about the forest and its secrets!

And… along the water, here are some more:

Lido – Saint Mammès: super easy (20/30 minutes round trip), the ideal stroll to stretch your legs after a journey in a motorhome, or for a romantic evening. Take the footbridge over the Loing, admire the confluence of the Seine and the Loing, the typical quays with moored barges, and the quay lined with charming restaurants.

Lido – Moret sur Loing: a medieval village that you reach along the river, just magical. Allow 40/45 minutes round trip.

Lido – Thomery: a walk along the wild Seine, reaching the village in 20 minutes, and perhaps visit the villa of the painter Rosa Bonheur (we recommend the tea room – check opening hours).

Lido – Veneux: a straight line, a little climb to warm up (3 minutes maximum according to the boss), a lovely church, cross the main road and wander through the small alleys that the village hides. Nice for discovering a typical Seine-et-Marne village.

And many more… Feel free to stop by the reception to discuss further.